Lets just get one thing straight… We are by no means the ‘Captain Planet’ of apparel. But the unfortunate truth is that no company is! Just through our own existence means that all of us, consume more than we give back. Yet, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to reduce our impact and perfect our craft.

Our vision is simple: 

1) Design and develop the very best products while trying to do the least amount of harm to the planet.

2) Work alongside the very best organisations to help preserve the health and resilience of our beautiful planet #WEAR5050.


The logo is based on the Arctic Tern, a bird that spends it’s entire life travelling between the ”NORTH” and the ”SOUTH” Pole, meaning it has the longest yearly migration of any animal on the planet. Rather than taking a direct route between the poles, the tern follows a somewhat convoluted course around the continents in order to take advantage of prevailing winds and waste as little energy as possible. Studies show that during their lifetime they fly to the moon and back 3 times! What this means is that this little bird sees more of our planet and more daylight than any other creature on earth – just by harnessing the energy of the planet.

This bird epitomizes what it is to be an explorer and we are really excited to use this symbol as a reminder to keep on exploring the world on two wheels.