Rather than work in partnership with a retail shop we work in partnership with nature.

Wear5050 was born from a desire to do more for conserving the places that we love to explore. The idea was to take a more holistic approach to protect the environment, with 50% of profits funding organisations that are working to preserve the wild and wonderful places that still exist in the world.

It all came about when our co-founder, David Fletcher, couldn’t understand why cycling jerseys retailed for $200. Baffled by this, he did what any 20 year old would do… he googled it! As it turned out, it was a result of brands using an outdated retail model. In traditional retail, clothes are marked up 6x by the time they reach the customer. This is because of wholesalers and retail outlets all taking a piece of the pie. Pretty wild considering most people have access to the internet/online shopping!

So, the solution was obvious; if we sold directly to consumers online, we could lower the costs and people would no longer have to pay $200 for a cycling top… Let the manufacturing begin!

But this got us thinking… If people are willing to pay these inflated prices, why don’t we match our competitors and use the money we’ve saved to give back to the places that have given us so much pleasure over the years? I mean, it seems only fair, right??

So, WEAR5050 was born. A business model that not only helps empower more people to make tomorrow a better place, but represents a greater equality between humans and nature (50% of the profits to NORTHSOUTH and 50% of the profits to nature).

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