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Max Your Days

Rather than work in partnership with a retail shop we work in partnership with nature.

Max Your Days Socks

Ultralight Construction for Maximum Performance

Created to inspire, perform and endure, the NORTHSOUTH ‘MAX YOUR DAYS’ socks are the ultimate socks for cyclists, travelers and business people alike.

Combining a variety of innovative high-tech functions, these ultralight socks are designed with maximum performance and comfort in mind. Reinforcements at the ankles for stability and a network of ventilation within the footbed provide cool, dry air to the inside of the sock whilst the reflective logo ensures maximum visibility to the outside world.

Aiding comfort and fit, the socks are made from a highly breathable stretch fabric blend that promotes airflow and makes for an extremely pleasant foot climate. The extra flat construction prevents the bunching up of material to create a frictionless, blister-free, dry foot.

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